Mid-week baking

Yesterday we had a couple of friends for dinner, we had a great time together. We also ate a lot of bread and the 2 loaves I made last Saturday…gone. Today I baked two more loaves then, using the recipe I posted a couple of days ago. The only difference is that I used a 30% of whole wheat flour, instead of 100% bread flour.


The poolish (9:00 pm – day one)

  • 230 gr bread flour
  • 230 ml water (room temperature)
  • 30 gr rye starter

The dough (8:00 am – day two)

  • 410 gr bread flour
  • 270 fr whole wheat flour
  • 360 ml warm water
  • 15 gr salt

The process is the one described in my previous post.

I’m quite happy with the results.


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