Rainy weekend

We had a long, rainy, weekend. After a couple of hours spent watching Netflix I decided to bake, as usual.

Pain au Chocolat

It’s becoming a nice habit, baking and sharing with family and friends during the weekends. After a long working week there is nothing better than using your hands, creating something sweet for your loved ones. I find it also very relaxing.

I baked a batch of Croissants and Pains au Chocolat using the recipe published 20 days ago.

I also baked a loaf of bread, (600 gr) using the rye sourdough starter and high gluten flour (type 80, France, or Manitoba, Italy).


Sourdough bread ingredients

Poolish (9:00 pm, Saturday)

  • 115 gr type 80 flour
  • 115 ml water
  • 20 gr rye sourdough starter

The dough (9:00 am, Sunday)

  • 340 gr type 80 flour
  • 370 ml warm water
  • 8 gr salt

The process is detailed here.

I used a banneton for proofing and this is how the baked loaf looks like..

Sunday’s bread


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