Rye starter maintenance

I bake mainly during the weekend, so I store the rye starter in the fridge during the week. To start baking on Saturday evening, I take it out from the fridge on Thursday morning, I leave it on the counter to warm up a bit (for an hour or so) and then I feed it. I feed it in the morning and again in the evening. I often use 50% of rye flour and 50% of protein rich white flour. I noticed that is the perfect mix to get e very active starter.

You will notice that after feeding it, the starter will grow and become bubbly and in a while it will gradually go back to his previous level. This cycle is an indicator of the activity of the (good) bacteria colonising your starter. The more you feed them, the more the starter becomes active and bubbly. You should use your starter when it has reached its highest level. On the other hand, you should feed it when he reaches his lowest level.


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