An interesting baking weekend

I tend to plan my baking weekend good in advance, to be sure I have all the ingredients, the rye starter is active and my family schedule is compatible with baking.

I bought on Amazon about 10 kg of flour, different types, high protein white flour, Manitoba flour (Manitoba and W330 flour – Molino Rossetto) and malted flour (farina magica Manitoba – Lo Conte). I also bought at Eataly Store in Florence 500 gr of high quality butter (Beppino Occelli).

I started on Friday preparing the dough for a batch of french croissants and pain au chocolat (see the recipe here), then on the day after I prepared the dough for 2 loaves of sourdough white bread (95% Manitoba and 5% of spelt flour). See the recipe for the sourdough bread here. I changed the percentage of spelt flour (there it is 25%) and I have opted for a long (16 hours) proofing in the fridge.

Here it is the outcome:

Sourdough bread

The crumb

French Croissants

Pain au Chocolat


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